The Ad Network
That Delivers Results

Let us increase your income!

The Ad Network
That Delivers Results

Let us increase your income!

The Ad Network
That Delivers Results

Let us increase your income!


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Looking for a worldwide network comprising of premium publishers and targeted audience for your clients?

  • Accurate results, full reporting, best ROI
  • Advanced Targeting with our unique technology
  • Cross-platform delivery


You can grow and get much more for your efforts!

Do you currently:

  • Use Google adsense to generate revenue?
  • Have more than 100K visits per day?
  • Wish to increase your revenues?


Do you want to drive high quality leads from categorized traffic?

  • Exclusive publishers network
  • Unique targeting algorithms
  • Delivery optimization technology
  • Great return on investment

Answered Yes?

We offer great partnership with 100% transparency and exclusive global deals on site optimization for every partner with contract


The Difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little extra


From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Our internet lab has developed unique tools and technologies that grow your revenue.
AdNet7 clients get outstanding results, and our publishers share in the success story.


AdNet7 WebSite monetization services

With 15 years of media buy and optimization for global marketers and major brand names we deliver more profit to site owners.

You can join a unique global ad network and receive global exposure to maximize your revenue.

AdNet7  is dedicated to bring you the best deals, with more than 1 Billion impressions and top sites. You will enjoy direct personalized contract for your site, bundled deals and professional optimization.

Lets talk about just one word.

We deliver results for our publishers, and we deliver results for our clients.

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Results, Delivered.
Here Is How

AdNet7 gives website owners and publishers top revenue through our combination of high-paying performance marketing, and our ability to pick and optimize display ads from multiple international ad exchanges. These are matched with our unique ad formats, which generate the best performance in the market, and our ad optimization tools and techniques that get the best-performing ads into every page.

  • Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology
Incredible Results

Our ad network uses special ad formats and ad optimization techniques to deliver incredible results for our clients and our publishers.

  • Full Reporting

Full Reporting
You are in control

Our publishers get access to the management dashboard for a full picture of their sites’ performance at any time.

  • Direct Payments

Direct Payments
Faster than Light

We make direct money transfers into our publishers’ bank accounts every month. No cheques, no mail delays, no worries.

  • Generating Leads

Generating Leads
We deliver

We specialize in Performance Marketing for clients in Real Estate, Finance and Investing, Health, Tourism, Luxury Retail, and other key industries. Our clients pay only for results, and since we deliver actual sales leads with high conversion rates, they reward our publishers with excellent income.

  • Display Advertising

Display Advertising
Cross-platform compatibility

Our network is connected to several top ad exchanges, providing display ads for mobile and desktop users. These give us an immense variety of ads to choose from. We match the best performing ads to each page on a publisher’s website in order to maximize site income, using our ad optimization tools and techniques.

  • Unique Ad Formats

Unique Ad Formats
Tailored to outperform

AdNet7 has developed unique ad formats for performance marketing, and these produce the best performance in the industry. Using our special ads, the same amount of traffic will generate more leads – and more income – then any other option. We also work with all other ad formats – display banners, text ads, video ads, mobile, etc.

  • Easy Setup

Easy Setup
Easy as 1-2-3

When a publisher is accepted into our network, adding AdNet7 to the website is fast and easy – all that is needed are some small and simple tags that we provide. AdNet7 can be added to just a part of a website or a part of a page template, in order to keep other existing sources of revenue intact, or in order to compare our performance to theirs.

  • Seeing is Believing

Seeing is Believing
Try our risk-free trial

Try AdNet7 for a two-month trial, and judge the results for yourself – no obligation, no setup cost, just results.

  • Local Knowledge

Local Knowledge
We speak your language

Our skilled staff speaks English, German, Russian and Arabic, giving you the best service in the industry.

Unique Advantages
Making the switch never been so easy

AdNet7 establishes a different type of relationship with our publishers, based on openness and on satisfaction.

We do not demand exclusivity – we believe that publishers should choose to work with us based on our performance.

We establish a close and open relationship with website owners, who enjoy complete transparency and direct contact with our team.

Keep Your Visitors
Flawless shift

Our unique ad formats keep users on your page, and avoid interfering with their use of your website.

Keep Your Revenue
Your Choice

Feel free to keep any client or ad position that you want. Give us the rest and see what we can do.

Full Partnership
Mutual Benefits

Publishers access detailed reports, get support for any questions, and get optimization advice.

Flexible Payment Options

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